9 Steps to Selecting Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets

Choosing bridesmaid jewelry sets can be very difficult, especially if you aren’t set on a theme yet for the wedding. It can be even harder if everyone in the group has different tastes, but you can make the entire task much easier by following these simple tips. They will help you create a theme for your bridesmaids, and you will easily choose the best bridesmaid jewelry sets for your wedding. You will also learn how to put a set together, which will help make the entire wedding special.

Bridemaids Jewelry Sets

Choose the Materials and Colors

The best way to build a theme for bridesmaid jewelry sets is to choose the materials and colors. You can choose bridesmaid jewelry sets that all feature a certain stone like turquoise or ruby, or you can skip the stones and go completely with metals such as gold and silver.

Choosing the materials and colors for the bridesmaid jewelry sets is one of the most important things you can do. The colors will determine what dresses look best on the bridesmaids, and it will also dictate what bridesmaid jewelry sets will be appropriate for the bridesmaids to buy for the wedding.

Statement Pieces

There has been a growing trend amongst modern brides to allow each bridesmaid to wear a unique statement piece in their bridesmaid jewelry sets. These are often opulent pieces that are bold and glamorous. This piece gives each bridesmaid her own unique look. But, it may also distract from the bride because people may concentrate on the statement pieces.

Decide if the bridesmaids are allowed to wear these pieces or not.

Balanced Sets

Balancing bridesmaid jewelry sets are a great way to pull everything together. Coordinating the dresses and jewelry will make the bridesmaids look better, and it will be more pleasing to the eye.

Finding balance can be hard if you don’t know how to look for it. Consider a sliding scale of simplicity and opulence. If the bridesmaids are wearing simple dresses, then consider more ornamental bridesmaid jewelry sets. If the dresses are extravagant, then simpler sets will look better.

Sets that are unbalanced will look peculiar, and they can throw off the entire ceremony. If you choose simple dresses and jewelry, then the bridesmaids will look too plain. If you choose extravagant dresses and opulent jewelry, then they will look too formal, and it will be difficult to look at everything on the bridesmaids.

Give Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets as Gifts

Consistency is important for a bridesmaid, and you don’t want one of your bridesmaids to accidentally get the wrong jewelry for the wedding. The best way to fix this is to give away jewelry for free to each of your bridesmaids. They will love getting something from you, especially since they are your closest friends, and it will ensure that everyone is properly prepared for the wedding.

Choose Personalized Pieces

This is different from statement pieces. Statement pieces are meant to be bold and to capture the personality of the bridesmaid. Personalized pieces are often simpler and smaller. For example, you can get a monogrammed bracelet for each bridesmaid. This makes the bridesmaid jewelry sets personalized for each bridesmaid, but it still makes the bride the main attraction.

Personalized pieces will make the bridesmaid feel special about her set, and they are often treasured long after the wedding.

Including Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are often not considered an essential part of bridesmaid jewelry sets, and it is often left up to the bride to either include or deny hair accessories. These can range from cheap hair ties and headbands to expensive combs and tiaras.

Hair accessories have gone in and out of fashion, and this is largely a decision based on the bride’s opinion. These accessories can help create a romantic atmosphere. However, not including hair accessories makes the bridesmaid pay more attention to her hair, which can also create a pleasing image.

Custom Made Sets

This may not be a viable option for everyone, but getting bridesmaid jewelry sets custom made can be very useful. You can easily match the sets to the dress color, and this gives you exactly what you want. For example, the blue from the jewelry and the blue of the dress might not work together because they are a different hue.

This is much more expensive than just buying the pieces in a store, but custom pieces commonly look better, and they often work better if you are trying to make a unique atmosphere for the wedding.

Make it About You

While the bridesmaid jewelry is very important, you should remember that the entire wedding is about the bride. You should try to coordinate the jewelry sets with your own dress, and you should make sure that the bridesmaids are not more elegant than your dress and jewelry.

The bridesmaid jewelry sets can also be used as a natural extension of your wedding’s theme. For example, if you have a nature theme, then you can choose floating necklaces that have leaf designs. This allows the sets to easily coexist with the overarching theme, and it will ensure that you are still the centerpiece of the wedding.

Create a Budget

You may want to give your friends the best jewelry sets available, but that may not be financially sound. Jewelry sets can get very expensive, especially if you opt for opulent and custom-made sets.

Before deciding on a set you should decide on a budget. If you are giving away the sets, then make sure you have enough money to do so. If the bridesmaids need to get their own sets, then make sure you make decisions that allow your bridesmaids to buy the sets without having to spend a fortune.


The bride may be the centerpiece of the wedding, but the bridesmaids are just as important. They need bridesmaid jewelry sets that help light up the wedding, and they need sets that will help with the overall theme of the wedding. Choosing a set can be difficult, but following these tips will help you settle on the perfect set for your bridesmaids.