Your Guide to Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets

Choosing a theme for your bridesmaid jewelry sets can be difficult, especially since there are so many colors and materials to choose from. The theme for your bridesmaid jewelry sets can also change based on where the wedding is being held, and the time of year. If you are having a hard time deciding on a theme, then try out one of the following themes below. They should help you pick the perfect bridesmaid jewelry sets for the occasion, and your bridesmaids will look very fashionable and elegant alongside you.

Bridemaids Jewelry Sets

Black Tie Events

If your wedding is to be very formal and a black tie event, then you need bridesmaid jewelry sets that fit this color scheme and atmosphere. Bold colors will look out of place, and they will bring too much attention to the bridesmaids. You should instead focus on monochromatic bridesmaid jewelry sets.

Choosing bicones and rondells will be perfect for the event. You want jewelry that is understated, as this works best with the theme. You should only choose black, white, crystal and silver materials and colors for your bridesmaid jewelry sets. Pearls are also very welcome.

The jewelry should contrast the bridesmaids’ dresses. If they are wearing white, then give them black jewelry and vice-versa.

Winter and Fall Weddings

If your wedding is in the winter, then consider bridal jewelry sets that work with the holiday colors. Red and green and among the most common, but white can also work to great effect here. Winter red dresses look very elegant, and they will help warm up the entire occasion.

Silver and pearls are also favorites for winter weddings. You should avoid gold, as it will look overpowering, and it won’t fit the theme.

Though this theme is meant for winter, it can also work for the fall. The red dress will still look appropriate, and the colors will work with the changing of the leaves. Just make the colors a little earthy, and your fall theme will look complete.

Spring Weddings

A wedding held in spring requires bridesmaid jewelry sets that mimic the light colors that are floating around in nature. Light greens and whites work best, and silver also makes another appearance here. Gold can work, but that is better for late spring or summer.

Light, pastel colors work the best, and creamy textures bring out the changes that are occurring in nature.

Summer Weddings

Summer weddings typically require bridesmaid jewelry sets that are much brighter and vibrant. Bright colors like red, aqua and purple make a great showing during the summer, and gold really brings the whole event together.

Choosing bridesmaid jewelry sets that have a flower theme is also appropriate. The jewelry sets for summer are typically larger and a little more extravagant, but going subtle can also work well in your favor.

Nautical Weddings

Having a wedding at sea is a dream of some brides, and you can have your bridesmaids looking perfect with the right jewelry sets. Nautical weddings often require bridesmaid jewelry sets that are a dark navy blue, gold and white. Their dresses will often be navy blue, but a good navy blue bracelet can bring the ensemble together.

Pearls are always welcome at weddings out at sea, and gold necklaces and accessories will be like the sun’s reflection on the water.

Pastel Weddings

Pastel wedding bridesmaid and bridal jewelry sets have been popular for the last few years, and they are actually becoming more popular as time goes on. This usually involves dressing the bridesmaids in a pastel dress, like lilac or pink, and giving them jewelry that matches the dress color.

For example, a lilac dress would require lilac jewelry. You should also help accentuate the color by adding white jewelry and either silver or gold, but not both. Gold is bolder, while silver and demure and elegant. There is a vast world of difference between the two metals, so choose one that perfectly fits where the wedding is being held, and how you want your bridesmaids to look.

Blue Weddings

Every bride needs something blue, but there are many brides that are centering their entire wedding on this color. A deep, rich blue can easily make a theme for the whole wedding, and you can choose bridesmaid jewelry sets that fit this theme.

The colors here are deep blue, silver and white. Pearls and crystals will be your best friend here, as they will look elegant on your bridesmaids. Beads can also work wonders with this theme, so don’t forget about adding some to your sets.

Tropical Weddings

Tropical weddings are often held in the summer, but they can also be held on actual tropical islands and beaches. Like the summer bridesmaid jewelry sets, this theme is about bolder colors. However, you should choose more exotic colors to accentuate the location.

Metals and pearls can make a showing here, but they aren’t quite as appropriate as beads and crystals. Choose bridesmaid jewelry sets that match well with the exotic dresses you choose, and the wedding should look perfect.

Mimic the Bride

This is an approach that works well if you have a small number of bridesmaids, about three or three, and it will really highlight your jewelry. Choose sets that mimic the bridal jewelry, but are smaller or a different color. For example, if you have gold, then give them silver.

This will make the main bridal jewelry look all the better, and it will create a collective look amongst the bridesmaids that everyone will notice. This works best with a few bridesmaids because the effect is very powerful, and it can get overwhelming if there are more than three bridesmaids doing this.

Bridesmaid Jewelry Guide in Conclusion

There are many bridesmaid jewelry themes available to choose from, and you can normally narrow down the decision based on where the wedding will be held, what season the wedding is taking place in or the main color of the wedding. Select one of the themes above, and you should have a perfect wedding where everyone will look great.