Your wedding day is one of the most special occasions in your life, and having your closest friends by your side as bridesmaids makes it even more memorable. To show your appreciation, you’ve carefully chosen the perfect jewelry pieces for them to wear. However, as with all things precious, issues can arise – from sizing problems to unexpected damages. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore expert advice on how to fix common bridesmaid jewelry issues, ensuring that your bridal party looks stunning and elegant on your big day.

Resizing Bridesmaid Jewelry

The Importance of Proper Sizing

Before diving into the solutions, let’s address the primary concern: resizing bridesmaid jewelry. Whether it’s a necklace that hangs too low or earrings that dangle too low, improper sizing can detract from your bridesmaids’ overall appearance and comfort. Here’s what you need to know about resizing these essential accessories:

1. Necklace Length Adjustments

If your bridesmaids’ necklaces don’t fit properly, consider these options:

  • Chain Extenders: These small, adjustable pieces can add extra length to a necklace, ensuring a comfortable and flattering fit.
  • Re-stringing: For more complex necklaces with various elements, consulting a professional jeweler may be necessary. They can restring the necklace to the desired length without compromising its integrity.

2. Resizing Bracelets

For bracelets that are too loose or tight, follow these tips:

  • Adding or Removing Links: Many bracelets, especially those with chain designs, can be resized by adding or removing links. Jewelers can perform this task with precision.
  • Bangle Bracelet Adjustments: Reshaping bangle bracelets is relatively straightforward. However, it’s essential to seek professional assistance to avoid damaging the jewelry.

3. Earring Length Modifications

In cases where earrings dangle too low, consider:

  • Shortening Earring Hooks: Jewelers can trim earring hooks to achieve the desired length without affecting the overall design.
  • Changing the Ear Wire: If the earrings have fishhook-style wires, switching to shorter ones can solve the problem without altering the earrings’ appearance significantly.

Repairing Damaged Bridesmaid Jewelry

Accidents Happen: Fixing Jewelry Damage

Despite your best efforts, accidents can happen. A bridesmaid’s jewelry piece may become damaged or broken, leaving you worried about how to restore it to its original beauty. Here’s how to address common issues:

1. Broken Necklace Chains

If a necklace chain snaps, it’s not the end of the world:

  • Jeweler’s Wire: Jewelers can often repair broken chains using jeweler’s wire. They’ll carefully weave the wire through the links to rejoin them securely.
  • Chain Replacement: In more severe cases, they may need to replace the entire chain, but they can often match it to the original design.

2. Cracked Gemstones

Gemstone jewelry can be particularly susceptible to damage:

  • Re-cutting or Polishing: Depending on the extent of the damage, a skilled jeweler may be able to re-cut or polish the gemstone to remove minor imperfections.
  • Replacing the Gemstone: If the damage is severe, the best course of action may be to replace the gemstone entirely. Your jeweler can help you find a suitable replacement that matches the original stone’s characteristics.

3. Earring Repairs

Earrings can face various issues, such as bent posts or missing parts:

  • Post Replacement: Jewelers can replace bent or damaged earring posts to ensure they sit securely on your bridesmaids’ ears.
  • Finding Matching Components: If an earring component is lost, your jeweler can source or create a matching piece to restore the set.

Maintenance Tips to Prevent Future Issues

Keeping Bridesmaid Jewelry in Pristine Condition

Prevention is often the best solution. To ensure your bridesmaids’ jewelry remains in excellent condition, follow these maintenance tips:

  • Avoid Contact with Water: Remove jewelry before swimming, showering, or doing household chores to prevent damage from chemicals and moisture.
  • Regular Inspections: Encourage your bridesmaids to inspect their jewelry periodically for loose stones, broken components, or signs of wear.
  • Proper Storage: Store jewelry in individual pouches or compartments to prevent tangling, scratching, or damage from exposure to air.
  • Professional Cleaning: Arrange for professional jewelry cleaning and maintenance before the wedding to ensure everything looks its best.


Bridesmaid jewelry plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall aesthetics of your wedding, and addressing sizing and repair issues promptly is essential. By following the expert advice provided in this guide, you can ensure that your bridal party shines brightly on your special day. Remember, with the right knowledge and professional assistance, any jewelry issue can be resolved, allowing your bridesmaids to look and feel their best as they stand by your side on your wedding day.